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Due to the high number of fatalities, OSHA recently made substantial changes to the rules regulating crane operations. While crane operators are at the highest risk of potential serious injuries, other construction employees may be hurt as well. Individuals who suffer catastrophic injury form a crane collapse or families who lost a member in a crane accident need to understand their rights and seek out representation from an experienced civil litigation lawyer to ensure they can offset their medical and other expenses, as well as receive full and fair compensation for the accident or wrongful death.

Many of these accidents can be prevented if construction companies adhere to safety regulations. After a worker has been injured in an accident, he/she is legally entitled to seek compensation. An accident victim may seek monetary damages for his/her: medical expenses, injuries, lost wages, lost future income, physical and mental impairment, and pain and suffering. The Lassen Law Firm, Pennsylvania Crane Accident Lawyers, will get you maximum compensation for your serious injuries.

Safety on the site is often sacrificed by those in charge in order to keep the job moving. Crane accidents are among the most common accidents that occur at a construction site. Several operators are seriously injured or killed on the job each year. The attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm have the experience to help and assist you. We represent individuals and families in construction accidents and wrongful death claims stemming from negligence or recklessness of construction companies or manufacturers of construction equipment, including manufacturers and suppliers. Our personal injury attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm provide you with aggressive representation in construction accidents and crane collapses resulting from overextended booms.

High Risk Equipment

Owners and operators of specialty lifts and cranes know they are dealing with equipment presenting many unique risks. They are inundated with warnings and precautions from the manufacturers, their industry, and government agencies. OSHA requires extensive specialized training and insurance companies provide coverage only when owners show they use qualified operators and comply with annual inspections and maintenance.

In fact, there are a number of industry magazines highlighting the safety problems of operating this equipment and discussing the many accidents occurring annually with cranes, booms, specialty lifts, derricks, hoists, and related equipment. Training classes and OSHA certification procedures constantly stress the many dangers and the need for safe operating environments.

Understanding Crane Accident Statistics

More than 225,000 cranes and 275,000 lifts are in use throughout the United States, mainly in construction projects and maritime/port applications. As many as 170 cranes and hundreds of lifts are involved in a single large project.

These numbers and the inherent dangers of using cranes and lifts are one reason you or a loved one may need the services of a lift or crane accident lawyer in Philadelphia. The high rates of fatalities and injuries in the industry indicate that many of the safety precautions and processes are not consistently followed.

One recent study shows that crane and lift operators have a death rate of 1.5 per 1,000 operators during a working lifetime of 47 years. In addition, as much as 82 percent of all deaths and injuries are workers other than the operators. This indicates you or a loved one may suffer injury by a crane or lift even if you are not responsible for its operation. In such circumstances, a Philadelphia crane accident lawyer can investigate the causes and circumstances surrounding such an accident.

Requirements for Responsible Use

Although cranes and lifts are an essential part of the construction and maritime industries, they are a source of great concern from safety experts and agencies such as OSHA. Because of this, there are many special regulations and requirements for lift owners and operators. All of these precautions have the goal of achieving as high a level of safety as possible.

When employers or operators fail to follow these regulations and procedures by oversight or negligence, the probability of accidents is greatly increased. Just a few of the special considerations required include:

  • Ensuring near power cables are turned off or carefully monitored by additional workers
  • Proper warning notices and barriers must be placed around the crane and lift work area
  • Use of all applicable safety rigging and equipment
  • Annual certifications and inspections
  • Ensuring all loads, heights, and tasks assigned fall within manufacturer safety specifications.

Protecting Your Rights

If you or a loved one has sustained serious injury or death in a crane or lift accident, it is important to act to protect your legal rights. Our firm has helped a large number of clients injured in crane and life accidents throughout the country. When you need a Philadelphia crane accident attorney, we offer a free consultation to evaluate your specific circumstances.

If you are injured, you will likely lose work time income and suffer financial hardship from medical bills and other expenses. Workers compensation may prove inadequate in such circumstances, especially if you were a worker injured due to the errors of a third party. Contact us today to discuss your options and take steps to protect your right to recover compensation and financial losses suffered by you or a loved one. Our lift and crane accident lawyers in Philadelphia will get you the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law.

Crane accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. If you or a loved one were the victim of a serious accident, contact the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers of the Lassen Law Firm as soon as possible to discuss your options. The skilled personal injury lawyers at the Lassen Law Firm are available to assist. We understand the hardships you and your family face, and we are here to help. In addition to crane collapse injuries and death, we also handle other personal injury and wrongful death claims. Let the Lassen Law Firm serve you.