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Safety Rules to Avoid Dog Bites

  • Bad idea to tease a dog
  • Bad idea to hit a dog
  • Bad idea to pull the ears of a dog
  • Bad idea to disturb dogs with puppies
  • Bad idea to disturb dogs that are playing with toys, eating or sleeping.
  • Bad idea to disturb service dogs while they are working.
  • Bad idea to approach a dog you don't know.
  • Bad idea to approach a dog that is tied up, behind a fence or in a car.
  • Don't run when you're around dogs, as this gets them excited and they may accidentally hurt you.
  • Don't shout.
  • Be calm around a dog.
  • Talk in a quiet voice or whisper.
  • Be still.
  • If an unrestrained dog approaches you, don't run, stand still, keep your hands at your sides, and stay quiet and calm. Look away from the dog.
  • If you are on the ground, curl up into a ball, keep your knees to your chest and your hands over your ears. Stay quiet and calm. Look down at your knees, not at the dog.
  • Make slow movements, set things down carefully.

Dog owners have the responsibility to supervise, restrain and train their dogs. Many fatal dog attacks occur when loose dogs ran off of their owner's property. Dogs that are allowed to roam unrestrained outside the yard may perceive the entire neighborhood as their territory and may defend it aggressively. Dog owners must obey leash laws and take care to properly fence a yard in order to avoid dog bits on innocent children.

Dog bite accidents are categorized under an area of law referred to as premises liability. Premises liability laws govern the responsibility of dog owners to maintain safe conditions and to forewarn trespassers of aggressive pets. In cases involving dog bite accidents, it is up to dog owners to watch over their pets and ensure the general safety of people passing by. If a dog attacks another person, and the dog owner did not do everything possible to prevent the bite, the dog owner can be held responsible for all injuries sustained by the dog bite victim.

After a person has been injured from a dog bite caused by the dog owner negligence, the injured person is legally entitled to seek compensation from the dog owner. The Lassen Law Firm will fight for maximum compensation under PA dog bite law.

Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer

There are a lot of things that can happen with dog bite injuries in Philadelphia. Whether it was you that was bitten or a loved one, it is important that you obtain a Philadelphia dog bite attorney in order to obtain the maximum compensation.

What Can Happen

When dog bite injuries in Philadelphia occur, it is important to track down the dog's owner. You may or may not know who the dog owner is. If the dog takes off as soon as you were bitten/attacked, it is important to go to a local authority and explain what happened – or go to a medical facility and then ask for local authorities to come visit you. You should also contact a dog bite attorney in Philadelphia to begin investigating your case.

Dogs will often get loose and the owners are not even aware of what is going on. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are present or aware of their dog's whereabouts. If you are attacked, it is likely that the dog has attacked before or will attack again. It is important to find the dog's owner as he needs to be accountable for the dog. If the injury was severe, the dog may also need to be put down. This will prevent it from being a risk to others.

Severe injuries may land you in the hospital for several days. These medical bills can add up quickly. If you were attacked by someone else's dog, why should you have to pay the price? This is why it is important to hold dog owners legally responsible for dog bite injuries in Philadelphia

Being attacked by a dog can be an earth shattering experience. It can make you nervous to go out on the sidewalk again and be near dogs. The attack may play over and over again in your head – and this can lead to a significant amount of stress. Therapy may be in order to help you get over this experience.

Medical bills can add up quickly as well between therapy and medical bills. You may have significant amount of money being paid to others to help you because of the dog bite injury. You should not have to pay for any of this

It is important to understand that when you work with a dog bite lawyer in Philadelphia, no money is due upfront. One of our dog bite lawyers will take a small percentage of the settlement (29%), which means that you do not have to pay any money for legal costs out of pocket.

Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Bulldogs, and various other dogs have been known to attack. You cannot take it personally because there was nothing that you did wrong.

Dog bite injuries in Philadelphia are extremely common and unfortunately, most people don't take the necessary action. If a dog bites you, it is probably going to bite others – and you can stop this by speaking up and holding the owner responsible. Even if you don't know who the owner is, you are able contact a dog bite lawyer. You do not have to do anything on your own. The only thing that you do have to do is contact a dog bite lawyer.