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Safety Tips to Avoid Rollovers

Rollover crashes account for over 34% of all passenger fatalities each year. More than 11,000 people are killed in rollover accidents annually. The following is a list of measures that can prevent rollover accidents:

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Passengers are 76% less likely to be killed in a rollover accident if they are wearing a seatbelt. The importance of wearing a seatbelt cannot be overestimated. In 2015, the majority of passengers who sustained serious bodily injuries were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Do Not Overload the Van

Vans should not be overloaded, as the risk of rollover increases exponentially.

Check Tires Regularly

Tire maintenance is critical for a safe ride. Proper tire pressure is also an important part of maintaining tires. Before taking a trip, the operator should check pressure and examine the tires for any defects.

Slow Down

Chances of being injured in a rollover accident may be reduced by observing speed limits and not drinking and driving.

Drive the Safest Van Possible

Generally, taller, narrower vehicles are more likely to roll over. It is prudent to research the safety features of a van before buying one. Because the driver of a van is responsible for many passengers whom he or she will be transporting, the driver owes them a heightened duty of due care. Usually, newer vans are designed to be safer than older vans and they feature more safety devices to protect the van from a rollover.

Philadelphia Van Accident Lawyer

A 15 passenger van accident is much different than a car accident, and an experienced van accident lawyer in Philadelphia should be retained to handle your claim. Our van accident attorneys will get you the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law.

Special considerations when it comes to van accidents include:

  • Rollover Problem

Vans are bigger than cars as well as heavier. The greater size and greater weight put more responsibility on the van driver to operate their vehicle safely. A van is more likely to roll over than any other vehicle. A good van accident attorney understands the rollover issues with respect to these 15 passenger vans.

  • Limited Visibility

It is harder to see traffic around you when you're driving most vans. Some don't even make use of an interior rearview mirror, so many van drivers are completely incapable of seeing traffic directly behind them. There is also the fact that it is harder to see around a van.

  • Multiple Passengers

A van might contain numerous couple of passengers. These vehicles are inherently dangerous by design, and when you add more people, you increase the risk. Whether you are involved in an accident while driving a van, you were a passenger in a van, or you are involved in an accident where the other party was driving a van, it's important to retain a van accident attorney in Philadelphia that understands handling the special issues with respect to these vehicles. Many attorneys will claim to be able to handle an accident involving a van, however, few will get you proper compensation.

When working with a Philadelphia van accident attorney, here's what you're getting:


Our van accidents have handled almost countless van accidents. They've handled the intricacies and have been successful in all cases. Someone who's never handled a van accident before might do a mediocre job, but you want to get every dollar to which you are entitled.

Knowledge of Van Accident Cases

Not only will a van accident attorney understand why driving a van is different than driving a car or truck, he will know how to handle the difference.


A lawyer relies on their reputation as a negotiating tool. If someone holds himself out as a van accident attorney, then they're putting their name on the line. Our van accident lawyers have been successful in every van accident case.

Working with an attorney who really knows the area of the law that you need them to understand is always wiser than simply hiring the first lawyer you can find. You wouldn't hire an entertainment lawyer to cover your child custody case, so why hire someone who doesn't handle van accidents for your van accident case? Contact one of our Philadelphia van accident attorneys so you can get maximum compensation under Pennsylvania law.