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Some of the more common injuries associated with school bus collisions include:

  • Head injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Concussion injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Fractured bones
  • Broken wrists
  • Broken arms
  • Broken legs
  • Road rash
  • Cuts and bruising
  • Amputations
  • Internal injuries
  • Fatal injuries

When school bus drivers fail to exercise caution, and other drivers or passengers are injured, the driver and company can be held liable. After a person has been injured in a collision, he/she is legally entitled to seek compensation from the school bus driver or school bus driver's company. An accident victim may seek monetary damages for his/her injuries. The Lassen Law Firm always pays for extremely expensive accident reconstruction reports so we can get top dollar for your child's injuries. We frequently retain other experts as well, as it is instrumental to maximizing the financial recovery. Most other firms don't want to expend the money, but we do, as it increases the settlement exponentially.

Even though no compensation will undo the damages suffered by the victim of a collision, compensation can often pay for better medical treatment and rehabilitative care. The Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys of the Lassen Law Firm will perform a thorough investigation of the factors contributing to the school bus collision to better understand who should be held liable. We frequently find more potential defendants, and that means more insurance policies to which we can recover.

The Lassen Law Firm represents clients who have sustained a serious injury from all types of bus collisions, especially school bus accidents. Our philosophy is to focus first on serving our clients and allowing them to receive the highest compensation available to them under Pennsylvania law.

School buses are supposed to be built to keep kids and teachers safe while they are riding on them. However, there are about serious school bus accident related injuries reported each year in Philadelphia. Falling victim to a school bus accident, whether you were a passenger aboard the school bus, a pedestrian crossing the street or a passenger or driver of a nearby vehicle, can be very hard to live with. Some of those who are involved and obtained injuries will recover quickly and some will never fully recover. If your child was recently involved in a school bus accident in Philadelphia, and has been injured, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You may be able to receive money to pay for your past, current and future medical bills as a result of your injuries, financial compensation for lost wages or missed work hours and sometimes, for pain you have already endured and for pain you are expecting to endure in the future because of a school bus accident.

What kinds of injuries are common in school bus accidents in Philadelphia?

Although school bus accidents make up only about 40% of bus related injuries, school bus accidents can be serious. One of the most common type of school bus accident in which people are injured is caused by the bus rolling. These kinds of accidents can result in bruising, broken bones, abrasions, spinal cord injuries and back and neck injuries. If you or your child has fallen victim to a school bus accident related injury, our Philadelphia school bus injury lawyers can help.

School Bus Passing Laws in Pennsylvania

The first step towards reducing school bus accidents is making sure motorists are aware of the school bus passing laws where they live. Every state has its legislation when it comes to stopping for school buses loading and unloading children on the road. In Pennsylvania, drivers travelling behind school buses or approaching school buses on two-lane highways are expected to stop a minimum of 25 feet from a stationary bus that is displaying flashing red lights. This protects children from being accidentally hit by oncoming traffic when crossing the street to get on a school bus or after getting off.

This same rule applies for vehicles travelling behind school buses on a divided highway. Vehicles travelling in the opposite direction on a divided highway need not stop; however, they are required to reduce their speed to 10 mph while passing the stopped bus. Needless to say, drivers should always be on the lookout for children crossing the road after disembarking from the bus.

Flashing red lights are a mandatory safety feature for school buses in every state. Bus drivers have been trained to use this system when picking up or dropping off children in their care. By respecting legislation concerning passing a school bus, motorists can help reduce the chances of accidents from occurring. Bus drivers are further encouraged to take down the license plate numbers of offending motorists and report them to the police for legal action.

What is a Parents Role in Reducing School Bus Accidents in Philadelphia?

Parents can play a key role in helping to reduce bus accidents by teaching their children bus safety rules and conduct. By being quiet and orderly on the bus, children can help drivers maneuver safely on the road. Loud, rowdy and disorderly children can distract bus drivers and put other students at risk by contributing to the cause of an accident.

Children should also be taught road safety for crossing streets after they have gotten off the bus, such as only walking in front of their school bus and waiting for the driver to signal that it's safe for them to cross. Children should always look in both directions before crossing a street when boarding or getting off their bus. Although motorists should be stopped and attentive of children crossing, it only takes one distracted driver to cause an accident when least expected.

What can you do after your child has been in a school bus accident in Philadelphia?

Despite trained drivers and school bus safety features and procedures, accidents may still occur resulting in injury to your child. Accidents may be caused by driver error, collision with other vehicles, children being struck by oncoming traffic when crossing the road, children tripping and falling when boarding or getting off the bus, etc.

Serious school bus accidents may require medical attention for your children. In these cases, you will want representation for the accident in order to get maximum compensation. By hiring an experienced Philadelphia school bus accident lawyer, you can get prompt and professional assistance in resolving your school bus accident claim. Working with a top Philadelphia school bus accident attorney can relieve you of the stress of handing your claim alone and ensure your interests are well represented and met.

How can I be compensated if my child was injured in a school bus accident in Philadelphia or anywhere in Pennsylvania?

If you or your child has recently been injured in a school bus accident, you likely are entitled to financial compensation. Although it may take time as school bus accident cases are complex, our lawyers will fight for financial compensation for your injuries or the injuries to your children.

What are my responsibilities?

One thing you should do as close to the time of the bus accident as possible is begin gathering evidence. You will want to give everything you find to your lawyer.

School Bus Accidents in Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia school bus accident lawyers have extensive experience in getting people the financial compensation they deserve. We will help you through the whole process, from filing all the correct Notice of Claim, to settling your case for the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law. Contact one of our Pennsylvania school bus accident lawyers right away if your child has recently been in a school bus accident, and we will fight hard to get you maximum compensation.