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Drivers' Duties

Drivers must yield to people in crosswalks and at intersections.


Drivers should stay frosty at crosswalks to avoid creating a significant risk of car-pedestrian accidents. Drivers be alert of anyone crossing or about to cross.

Traffic Signals

Drivers should stay frosty at red lights, as people may decide to cross there, whether there is a crosswalk or not.

Pedestrians' Duties

Pedestrians can avoid being hit by cars; collisions rarely occur outside of the roadway. Crossing roadways, however, is inevitable, and most all of us cross many streets daily, especially if we live in a city. By exercising due caution and following pedestrian rules, many car-pedestrian accidents may be prevented.

The basic pedestrian rule requires people walking to view each direction before proceeding. When pedestrians are careful as the proceed into the road, the likelihood of being hit by a vehicle is extremely low. Most accidents resulting in injuries occur when people walking ignore traffic controls, jaywalk, or walk on a limited access highway. Many pedestrian accidents involving children occur when a child runs out on the road unexpectedly chasing a pet or a toy.


Jaywalking is crossing the street at strange places, not crosswalks. Not only is jaywalking prohibited by law and carries penalties, but it is also one of the major causes of severe injuries in car-pedestrian accidents. The Lassen Law Firm, Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys, urges everyone to cross in a crosswalk to ensure safety.


Highway traffic moves at high speeds, and highway drivers do not expect pedestrians. This makes walking on highways extremely dangerous. When a roadway has a sign disallowing pedestrians, people choosing to walk on it may be violating the law and putting themselves at a great risk for serious bodily injury.

In addition, pedestrian accidents occur when a driver or a passenger of a disabled vehicle gets out of the car in order to either inspect the car, push it to safety, or some other reason and gets struck by a fast-moving car.

Pedestrian accident injuries are quite serious, requiring extensive medical care, both immediately after the accident and long into the future. Getting the necessary medical care in a timely manner can make a tremendous difference in whether or not these injured pedestrians are able to enjoy a quality of life that resembles their lives prior to the accident. Besides their injuries, the most common concern that injured pedestrians express is the ability to afford their care.

Trying to determine who to contact in order to get the money to pay for the medical care can be a frustrating and nightmarish experience for an unrepresented party. It can take its toll on the recovery process, as well, due to the level of stress it causes. Indeed, trying to extract the money from individuals or insurance companies can seem like a never-ending battle.

A pedestrian accident lawyer in Philadelphia can be a valuable asset. Instead of being concerned with tracking down the responsible parties for compensation, the injured pedestrian, and their family, can concentrate on getting better. Turning over all the details to the Lassen Law Firm, Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyers, is the smartest thing to do, if you want the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law.