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Cause of Pennsylvania Cycling Accidents

  1. Car fails to yield to bicycle rider
  2. The bicyclist fails to yield, although more infrequent
  3. Motor vehicle turns into the path of the bike rider, as the driver doesn't see the rider
  4. Sometimes the bicyclist fails to yield when entering a Pennsylvania roadway
  5. Car or any motor vehicle tries to pass bike rider, and hits him or her from the side
  6. Car, bus or truck simply turns into the bike rider.
  7. Motor vehicle operator is on his cell or texting and runs a bike rider off the road.

Bike Riding Rules in PA

Important rules for bicyclists to remember to keep themselves safe, regardless of the laws of motorists:

  • Do not ride through red traffic lights
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic
  • Use lights when riding at night
  • Do not ride a bicycle on a sidewalk

Bicycle accidents in Philadelphia are on the decline, but every year there are still many accidents involving people across all age groups. Since bicycles have the same "road rights" as motorized vehicles, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with two-wheel transportation. If you are the victim of an irresponsible driver (or a company), you need a skilled, experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Philadelphia to fight for maximum compensation.

Getting Started

The initial consultation gives us an opportunity to discuss your case and evaluate liability. Based on our experience in litigating bicycle accident cases in Philadelphia, we decide whether we need to send out a bicycle accident reconstruction expert.

During the early stages of case development, we will review medical records, request information about your prognosis and treatment plans from your doctors, compare past court cases and finally, determine an appropriate compensation level.

We use various formulas and the facts from accident reconstruction to set an appropriate, anticipated settlement amount. This base-line amount includes money for daily living expenses (adjusted for cost of living increases and future inflation), medical care, prescriptions, lost wages, equipment replacement, counseling, pain, stress, inconvenience, and education and job training if the injuries mean you will not be able to return to a previous job or career.

Handling your case involves more than presenting information about individual fault; the role of your bicycle accident lawyer and his or her team is multifaceted. As your advocate and legal representative, we will work diligently to develop a case to obtain the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law.

Here are just a few of the roles that your Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney assumes from the time you start a case file until the final recovery.

Bicycle Accident Reconstruction Expert

According to a report issued by the Department of Transportation, more than three-quarters of auto/bicycle accidents that happen after dark involve incidents where someone driving an automobile could not see a cyclist early enough to avoid impact. If the cyclist was not wearing reflective clothing and did not have safety gear -- such as lights and reflective tape on the bike -- drivers may contest their fault level. Insurance companies often contest their obligation to compensate injured cyclists under these conditions.

As your Philadelphia bicycle accident law firm, we will work with an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the accident scene, looking for details that prove liability.

Bicycle Accident Negotiator

Often, it is possible to negotiate a large settlement without going to court. In a case where an accident was caused by unsafe roadway conditions -- for example, construction equipment blocking a clear line of sight or excessive potholes and surface damage that caused the bicyclist to lose control of their bike – we will want to go up against multiple parties to obtain full compensation.

Bicycle Accident Insurance Issues

Some of the most challenging elements during many personal injury cases involve insurance coverage. In the case of an accident involving an automobile and a bicycle, multiple insurance companies may be liable for damages.

You need a top bicycle accident attorney that can examine all insurance policies to determine if one company is fully responsible or if there is a shared-liability situation.

Bicycle Design Defects

Some bicycle injuries happen due to manufacturing design or defects. Manufacturers have a legal duty to make sure their products are safe for riders. If a bolt or chain breaks due to sub-standard parts or design features, the manufacturer will be made to take financial responsibility. Part of your bicycle accident attorney's role is to determine if there is a manufacturing defect, a materials defect, an assembly defect or another cause behind the sudden failure of your equipment.

This is often a labor-intensive task to find the exact source of the problem. We work with industry professionals with the expertise to evaluate both the bicycle design and mechanical components.

We have extensive experience in the area of bicycle accident law. We will work diligently to work up your case so we can recover the maximum possible compensation. Our knowledge of industry regulations and state laws in Philadelphia makes us uniquely qualified to be an advocate for our clients involved in bicycle accidents in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.