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Surgical Errors in Philadelphia and Throughout Pennsylvania

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' National Practitioner Data Base, Pennsylvania ranked second among all 50 states both in total medical malpractice payments and payouts per capita in 2016. 95 percent of the $320 million in medical malpractice payments were made because of settlements. In the same year, there were 110 jury verdicts in medical malpractice cases with more than 15% of them ranging between $1 million and $5 million awards and 5% reaching over $10 million. These alarming statistics show that in spite of the high quality of medical and surgical care most hospitals and doctors provide, mistake occur and patients get injured.

Medical malpractice does occur with alarming frequency leaving thousands of patients in worse condition than that in which they would have been in had medical mistake not taken place. Shockingly, many medical malpractice cases involve wrong-site surgery - terrible errors involving the wrong limb or the wrong surgery. Every week, 40 people are victims of wrong-site surgery in the United States.

If you have been subject to a surgical error, it is important to learn about your rights. One of your rights is to recover fair compensation for medical and other expenses associated with the surgical error. The Lassen Law Firm, Philadelphia surgical errors attorneys, has been fighting for the right of many Pennsylvanians to receive financial recovery for their surgical error injuries. We are a reputable Philadelphia law firm that has been helping Pennsylvania patients get high settlements and jury verdicts for over a decade. If you need an experienced surgical errors law firm fighting on your behalf, call the Lassen Law Firm now for your free confidential consultation.

Philadelphia Surgical Errors Lawyer

With the rise of surgical procedures in Pennsylvania, we see a corresponding rise of surgical errors. During surgery, doctors and nurses need to make snap decisions. When the wrong decision is made by a member of the surgical team, the results can be devastating. The wrong surgical procedure could take place. Medical supplies may be left inside the patient. Failure to react in the correct way can lead to unanticipated negative results. The Lassen Law Firm, Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers, handles numerous surgical mistake cases.

When patients decide to have surgery, they are usually warned about the complications they may face due to the condition of their health. However, patients are rarely warned about the serious surgical errors that medical professionals can make during surgery. Surgical errors and complications are common, but are rarely addressed or even talked about. Common surgical errors include:

  • Misuse of equipment
  • Inadequate medical training
  • Lack of familiarity with surgical procedure
  • Use of defective medical devices
  • Failure to thoroughly monitor the patient throughout surgery.
  • Failure to respond appropriately to problems in surgery.
  • Leaving surgical instruments and sponges in patient.

When a medical professional does not exercise sufficient care during surgery, and the patient sustains an injury due to the physician's negligence, the medical professional can be held liable. After a patient has sustained a surgical injury or infection, he/she is legally entitled to seek compensation from his/her doctor. The injured patient may seek monetary damages for: medical expenses, lost wages, lost future income, injuries, physical and mental impairment, and pain and suffering. The Lassen Law Firm, Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys, will fight to get you the maximum compensation available under the law.

The Lassen Law Firm is comprised of leading Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers who have extensive legal training and experience in medical malpractice law. We have handled numerous surgical errors cases. If you have questions about a Pennsylvania medical malpractice case, call The Lassen Law Firm today for your free consultation.