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Cerebral Palsy Medical Mistakes

Unfortunately, medical mistakes are the cause of thousands of cerebral palsy and brain injury cases. Doctors, medical personnel and hospitals sometimes make mistakes during delivery. The following are just a few of the mistakes made during delivery that have caused children to be born with cerebral palsy:

  1. Not getting child out in time
  2. Not doing a section when one needed
  3. Nuchal cord wrapped around child's neck
  4. Negligent vacuum
  5. Negligent forceps
  6. Negligent section
  7. Negligent watching of fetal monitor
  8. Not dealing with seizures, meningitis, and other issues

The doctors and nurses caring for the expectant mother and unborn child are responsible for providing safe and effective care. When proper procedure is not followed, and the standard of care is broken, permanent brain damage to the unborn child can occur. The following are indicators that a medical mistake may have caused your child's cerebral palsy:

  1. Emergency delivery with forceps, vacuum extraction, or cesarean section:
  2. The infant required resuscitation (CPR) after birth.
  3. Following delivery, the baby was transferred to a different hospital, or spent time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).
  4. The child had seizures immediately after birth, or within the first 3-4 days of life.
  5. The newborn required special testing after birth, such as an MRI, or brain scan.
  6. The infant required oxygen to facilitate breathing after birth.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is one of a variety of neurological disorders that cause permanent disability and physical symptoms in human development starting in infancy or before the age of three. Cerebral Palsy is caused by doctor negligence. A doctor may tell you that it is simply a disease, but that is untrue. The list of cerebral palsy symptoms is extensive, and an infant or baby may only present some of the symptoms on any given portion of the body.

What causes Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is caused by a doctor's mistake. The doctor typically breached the standard of care, and injured your child. There are several risk factors associated with Cerebral Palsy. Risk factors include: infections during pregnancy, infertility treatments, low birth weight, premature birth, twins or multiple births, existing conditions in the mother, and kernicterus are all risk factors for Cerebral Palsy. Physical injury during the birth itself caused by the cord cutting off oxygen, placental detachment, or mishandling by the health care professional are the main risk factors.

Signs of A Birth Injury or Cerebral Palsy

An injury during the birth process can have permanent effects on the infant, sometimes an injury that seems small at the time can or is not even noticed can cause brain damage, paralysis, and even death. The most common cause of birth injury is oxygen deprivation, and often the parents do not even know it is occurring.

Below is a list of some of the signs of a birth injury.

  • Spastic Movements
  • Stiffness
  • Tremors
  • Writhing
  • Difficulty Sucking or Latching on to Bottle or Breast
  • Drooling
  • Favoring one side of the body over the other
  • Delays in motor skills
  • Delays in speech

If your baby or toddler is experiencing any or a few of the symptoms on this list, they may have sustained a birth injury. There are many other symptoms of birth injuries and Cerebral Palsy. Basically if you feel something is not right with your child, whether they have the symptoms above or not, contact one of our Cerebral Palsy lawyers in Philadelphia. Keep in mind that the brain damage that caused the Cerebral Palsy does not get worse, this means that with proper and timely medical care, the physical symptoms caused by the damage to the brain can be aggressively tended to with physical therapy and daily care, to help improve the quality of life of the Cerebral Palsy patient. If the symptoms do get worse there is a chance that you are not dealing with Cerebral Palsy at all and a second opinion should be considered.

Costs of Cerebral Palsy

Aside from the emotional toll Cerebral Palsy takes on a family, the monetary costs of caring for a cerebral palsy patient over the course of a life time are significant. It costs about $210,000 per year to care for a child with Cerebral Palsy.

Hiring a Philadelphia Cerebral Palsy Lawyer will help parents get the financial help they need to pay for the extensive medical expenses associated with Cerebral Palsy. A Cerebral Palsy Attorney in Philadelphia will also help make sure that the heath care professional to blame is held accountable for the damage they caused, so it does not happen to another family.

There is hope that your child can live a relatively normal life with proper care. A pediatrician who is experienced and trained in Cerebral Palsy cases, and a Philadelphia Cerebral Palsy attorney are going to be needed to navigate the new unexpected path.

An experienced Cerebral Palsy Lawyer in Philadelphia from our firm will get you the maximum compensation available under Pennsylvania law for your child's injuries. Settlements for Cerebral Palsy cases range from 4 million to 16 million.

Philadelphia Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Cerebral palsy is a medical condition where the body movements and muscle coordination of the infant are impaired due to brain damage. Our cerebral palsy lawyers handle complex medical malpractice cases where the attending doctor mishandled the delivery and caused preventable brain damage to the newborn.

The parents of the child may recover compensation for the injuries sustained by the infant. With the help of an experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer, the family may recover the optimum financial compensation available under the law.

Our experienced civil litigation lawyers fight on behalf of families whose child suffers from cerebral palsy caused by a medical error. The attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm understand the position a family can be in and know what it takes to secure the best outcome possible. At the Lassen Law Firm, we represent the interests of families in claims against hospitals, obstetricians, and other medical professionals. We provide sensitive legal counsel to parents throughout Pennsylvania who need justice and compensation in delivery room negligence lawsuits. If you need expert legal representation, please call our medical malpractice attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm. Contact our Philadelphia cerebral palsy attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm today.