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In addition to federal laws against police misconduct, Pennsylvania state law makes it unlawful for a police officer to use any force beyond that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. Where an officer uses greater force than was reasonably necessary in the circumstances of a case, the officer is liable for assault and battery: 18 Pa.C.S. §508. Assault is an intentional attempt by force to do an injury to another, and battery is committed whenever the violence threatened in an assault is actually done to a person. Police officers are liable under Pennsylvania law for the torts of assault and battery when force is used in the course of an unlawful arrest or detention or when excessive force is used in executing a lawful arrest.

Title 42, Section 1983 of the U.S. Code and Pennsylvania state law provide powerful legal tools for people who believe their civil rights have been violated by the police or a government authority. It allows the victims of police brutality to sue for financial damages. Victims of police brutality may sue to recover compensatory and punitive damages.

Compensatory damages are designed to compensate the victim of police brutality for:

  • past and future medical expenses,
  • pretrial lost earnings (lost wages between incident and trial);
  • future lost earnings;
  • damaged or destroyed property;
  • attorney's fees in underlying criminal case;
  • pain and suffering;
  • emotional distress;
  • embarrassment and humiliation;
  • injury to reputation;
  • denial of civil rights.

Punitive damages are recoverable where conduct was motivated by recklessness and indifference to a person's protected rights. Punitive damages can be awarded even if the victim of police brutality suffered no actual damages or only nominal compensatory damages.

Victims and/or their families can take action against those in power to achieve justice and send a message to police and governmental authorities that brutality will not be tolerated. The Pennsylvania wrongful police shooting lawyers at the Lassen Law Firm are staunch and aggressive advocates. We vigorously represent victims of police shootings in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, and we seek the maximum possible compensation on their behalf. If your rights have been violated by police, law enforcement authorities, or a governmental agency, contact the Lassen Law Firm to see how we can help.

When you speak with a police shooting attorney at our firm to discuss your situation, you will see that we care about you and your future. Victims of police shootings have different goals when they are seeking to bring a claim forward. We'll first ask about what you hope to achieve by bringing a case. We will then explain the laws that apply to your case, your legal rights, and what can be done to fight back. Then we will pursue money damages for you.

Remember that police officers generally have broad powers to carry out their duties. However, their power is not without a limit. The Constitution and state laws place limits on how far police can go in trying to enforce the law. Sometimes police officers cross the line of reasonable force and violate the rights of citizens. Fortunately, laws are designed to protect citizens from abuses by government, including police misconduct, and allow the victim to recover compensatory and punitive damages and attorney fees as incentives to enforce their rights.

If your rights have been violated, the last thing you or your family should have to worry about is your financial security. At the Lassen Law Firm, we believe that our clients should be allowed to focus on getting better without having to stress over their future well-being.

We are skilled Pennsylvania wrongful police shooting attorneys who will aggressively fight for maximum recovery of damages for our clients' serious injuries. If you have questions about a police shooting, call The Lassen Law Firm today for your free consultation.

Wrongful police shooting claims are an important part of our legal system, yet cases against police officers can be difficult. Officers may be shielded by immunity from suit, a hurdle the Lassen Law Firm fights hard to get over. Claims against police departments can also be expensive to bring because a lot of evidence must be secured, including records, statements of police, statements of witnesses, and various other documentation, to prove the misconduct. Only an experienced, dedicated Pennsylvania police shooting law firm that has resources to fully litigate such cases. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a police shooting, contact us today to discuss your rights.