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Philadelphia Hand Injury Lawyer

It's not uncommon for a finger, hand, or wrist to become injured at one time or another. Hand injuries often lead to pain and swelling, and may require medical intervention. Most finger, hand, or wrist injuries occur during work-related tasks, sports or recreational activities, home projects, or accidental falls. In children, the majority of hand injuries occur during play or sports. Older adults are at higher risk of hand injuries as they lose bone strength and muscle mass during the natural aging process. While most minor hand injuries will heal on their own, medical treatment may be needed for more serious injuries.


Sprains are caused when damage is done to the ligaments, which are tissues that connect bone to bone. Breaking a fall with the palm of your hand can result in a painful thumb or finger sprain. Wrist sprains are even more common and can occur when bending your wrist backwards too far, possibly tearing or stretching the ligaments.


Bones of the hand can be fractured and in some instances, dislocated. Fractures include cracks or breaks in the bone. Dislocations occur when a bone is pushed out of its proper place, meaning that it's no longer aligned at the joint. Both of these conditions can decrease the ability to move your hand and can cause pain.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs when pressure is put on the median nerve in the wrist. Common symptoms of this condition include numbness, tingling pain, and weakness in the thumb to the ring finger. Compression of the nerve can occur for multiple reasons, such as repetitive motions, tumors, cysts, or injury. In more severe cases, carpel tunnel syndrome requires surgery to relieve the compression.

Tendon Injuries

Injures of the soft tissue and closed tendons in the hand can result in irritation and swelling. One of the most common injures of the tendon is called tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the tendon. Other tendon injuries include DeQuervain's syndrome, ECU tendonitis, baseball finger, Jersey finger, and Boutonniere deformity.

Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts are a type of lump or mass found in the hand, usually on the back of the wrist. These fluid-filled, non-cancerous cysts develop from chronic irritation from the tendon sheaths, joint linings, or ligaments within the hand and wrist. Most ganglion cysts do not require treatment and may disappear on their own. Even with surgery, these cysts have been known to reoccur.


Rheumatoid arthritis can occur in the hands, caused by an inflammation of the joints. This disabling disease can affect any joint of the body, including the finger joints. As the arthritis advances, it can force the finger joints into an awkward position that reduces normal movement and causes discomfort. Wearing splints and other management tools can be used to strengthen weakened areas and control pain.

Nerve Injuries

Nerves in the hand and wrist can become injured in falls or other accidents. If the nerve is bruised, it can stop working properly for a brief period of time. All of the inner cables, or nerve fibers, remain intact and will usually fully recover. In some instances, the nerve fibers can become damaged or completely divided. If this occurs, medical treatment is needed to repair the nerves to allow them to recover.

Your ability to earn a living and provide for your family may depend on the use of your hands. If you or someone that you love has suffered from a debilitating hand injury in a car accident in Philadelphia or a slip and fall accident in Philadelphia, you need an experienced Philadelphia hand injury lawyer. Contact one of our top Philadelphia hand injury attorneys today, and we will get you the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law.

Those who have suffered hand, wrist and arm injuries such as broken bones and nerve damage, can face significant disability. Nerve damage resulting from such injuries may be as debilitating as loss of limb. Consulting an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer is the best course of action an injured person can take. In many cases, a third-party liability claim may be pursued against responsible third parties. In cases of car accidents or other personal injury claims, the injured person's long-term medical needs must be thoroughly explored and documented in order to determine appropriate compensation.

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