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The Lassen Law Firm represents personal injury clients on a contingency basis: our fee is charged only if we win your injury case. There are no attorney's fees until we make a recovery. The Lassen Law Firm charges reasonable 29% contingency fee and offers expert legal services to its clients. In the beginning of the case, we assume all of the risk on a personal injury case and you do not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses. Only if we recover on your behalf, we will be compensated.

Personal Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania

Philadelphia injury lawyerThe negligence of another resulting in injuries to a victim often causes a physical injury. There are some circumstances where a physical injury is not the issue but rather an emotional or psychological injury is suffered. These claims for personal injury may be as simple as a laceration or as severe as paralysis. Soft tissue injuries are not less serious. Traumatic brain injuries are soft tissue in nature, as are vital organ ruptures from rapid deceleration events.

The Lassen Law Firm takes every injury seriously. We understand that personal injury law cannot restore body parts or functions but it does and can provide the accident victim with monetary resources to more effectively adjust to their new circumstances or to compensate them for the changes they already endured. Whether the victim of a work related incident, an automobile crash, a premises related claim, professional negligence, product failure or otherwise, consult a professional familiar with the laws related to personal injuries for advice.

Injuries in Philadelphia

When it comes to personal injury cases there are about a million different injuries that can be involved. Knowing a bit about these injuries, what types of injuries are likely to appear, and what injuries to look out for is the best way to get prepared before contacting a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. Knowing what to look for and a bit about each type of injury is the safest way to get your personal injury case off to a good start.

There are several different categories of injury to consider, and each is as unique as the last.

Skin Injuries

The first and most common injury type is of course to the skin. Because this is the largest organ and the most likely to come in contact with debris, heat, and other outside forces, it is nearly always affected by in personal injury cases. Three common skin injuries are as follows:

Burns- burns are common in instances of vehicle accidents, fire and heat related accidents, and more. Often, burns are the most serious of skin injuries. Burns are tricky because they can be of varying degrees and severity, can cover either small portions or the entire body, and can be incredibly painful. On top of all that, burns always need medical attention because they can easily become infected causing wide spread illness and infection through the body which can lead to other serious illnesses and even death. Keeping a close eye on burns is incredibly necessary and can require the help of medical professionals.

Bruising- the second most common skin injury is of course bruising. This can also be considered a muscular injury and should also be watched very carefully by a professional. Bruising can indicate further damage such as internal injury, internal bruising, and even internal bleeding which can be far more severe than you may think. It is important that all bruising be checked by a physician to determine if further damage is indicated or if it is simply bruising on the skin and muscle. Bruising can be incredibly painful and can limit range of motion making it difficult to get back to work and everyday life.

Abrasions- this is the third most common issue when it comes to skin injuries. Abrasions are common in a wide range of injury cases and can lead to extreme discomfort, infection, and more if not taken proper care of. Abrasions can also lead to scarring which can be painful and extensive depending on how serious the injury. Abrasions should be washed thoroughly and kept wrapped and dressed.

Dismemberment: The second type of injury that is a bit more severe is of course dismemberment. This is a very serious injury and again should be closely monitored by a professional to insure that more grievous injuries are not present. Though many personal injury cases do not end in dismemberment, some can lead to amputation if the injury is severe enough. Dismemberment can be something as simple as losing a finger to the loss of hands, extremities, and even arms and legs. This type of injury is far more serious and can lead to infection, severe fever and other issues that can ultimately lead to death. It is critical that with any injury that either results in dismemberment or amputation, those injured seek immediate medical attention for their wounds.

Bone & Spinal Injuries

Another, far more common injury is of course broken bones. Broken bones can again be precursors to more serious injuries. Often times, broken bones may not manifest themselves at the time of injury. This can also include things like herniated discs, spinal cord compression, and even things like needing chiropractic visits following injury.

There are three things to keep an eye out for when considering broken bones and spinal injuries.

Bruising and extreme pain in stemming from one location. Often times, if the bone is not visibly broken at the time of injury, bruising and extreme localized pain can signify a more serious injury. This could be an indicator that an x-ray or more involved examination is necessary.

Swelling- the next thing to watch for is swelling. Though swelling can mean nothing more than a sprain or a twist, it can also mean that bones are broken. Swelling can indicate fractures, actual breaks, and more. If swelling persists after an injury it is almost always best to get an x-ray just to be sure that there is no break, fracture or otherwise, that may cause issue later on in the healing process.

Nausea- when a bone breaks, bone marrow can escape into the blood causing nausea. It is necessary for those affected check on any nausea. Though it may seem as if it is nothing more than a stomach upset, it can also mean that bone marrow is slowly escaping into the blood stream causing nausea. Watching for these issues is the best way to insure that broken bones are not ignored.

Internal Injury: Another type of injury to keep track of is of course internal injuries. Internal injuries are often far harder to catch if they are not taken care of immediately. This could also include injury to vital organs like the eyes. With internal injury, it is always best to watch for a few distinct indicators that could signify further internal injury.

Severe and Persistent Pain- often times when internal injuries are present it is signified by severe pain and discomfort. Though often following an accident, pain and discomfort is common, in cases where internal injury is present pain will be localized to the area, will be intense, and will be persistent.

Nausea and Vomiting- stomach upset is one of the best ways to indicate that something is not right with the body. Nausea can signify internal bleeding, broken bones and more. Keeping track of nausea and vomiting, especially vomiting blood is the best way to insure that internal injuries are taken care of as they appear rather than ignoring them until something far more serious happens.

Unexplained Bruising, Bleeding or Other Issues- the last thing to watch for is of course and bruising that shows up after the fact, any bleeding that has no real explanation, or any other problem that may pop up after the injury has already occurred. Keeping a close eye on these issues can help to pinpoint internal injury that may not have been caught at the time of injury before it becomes life threatening.

Taking the time to learn about what type of personal injuries are common is the best way to know how to go about starting your own personal injury lawsuit. With the proper guidance from our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, anyone can get the benefits that they deserve following a personal injury if they retain our firm.

Personal Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania

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